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3 Tips For Create A Cozy Living Room



With the beautiful snow we’ve been getting in the mountains of NC, I’ve needed a cozy home space more than ever. So as you pack away Christmas and get back into your normal routine, here are 3 tips to make your living room feel inviting, cozy and warm.



Tip 1. Textures, Textures, Textures

Fuzzy throw blankets, texture-rich baskets and unique throw pillows are accessories that create the story or style of your space. In a living room, these elements create the environment your family and guests will engage with. For me personally, in winter I like all things cozy, warm and inviting. So that means warm colors, chunky knit blankets and comfy pillows on my sofa.


Tip 2. The colors you choose matter!

When I say “warm colors” I mean: yellow, gold, oranges, warm gray, and browns. These can be incorporated in big or small ways depending on your style and love of color. If you’re a neutral-lover, you can add small accents or go all out golds, browns and oranges! No matter how you choose to style them, warm colors add that element of coziness to a space that makes people feel welcome and invited to stay.


Tip 3. Candles and Plants

If you have a green thumb, house plants add such a subtle element of freshness to a living room. If you can’t keep a plant alive, a good faux potted plant will have the same affect! And as always candles make a peaceful decor accent that always amp up your coziness level.



Kaitlin Carpenter
Manager, Third Day Market

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