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Best Dough Bowl Fillers

As I shared recently in my “How to decorate your dough bowl” post, I change out my living room dough bowl all the time! So, of course it’s on my mind lately that I need to change it over to fall. If you’re running low on ideas this year or need a quick and festive style inspiration, here’s some great fall pieces we have at the Market and how to use them!





1. Acorns

Acorns add such an earthy warmth to fall decor and I love these orange ones for dough bowls because brown acorns blend right in with a naturally stained bowl. But these have the pumpkin orange color that blends well with the rest of my fall decor and are still eye-catching in my dough bowl. 




2. Mini Pumpkins

There are several styles of mini pumpkins, and I’ve noticed that velvet pumpkins are the definitely the thing this year! I’ve seen them everywhere and personally love the soft texture they have. Because fall decor like gourds, pinecones, and leaves have such a rough visual texture, the velvet makes a beautiful juxtaposition next to them! We also have these more natural colored orange pumpkins, just the right size for filling a med-large dough bowl with some candles off to the side and your bowl is done!


3. Floral Bits

There’s nothing that adds a warmth and textured touch to a dough bowl like some florals. And fall florals are probably my favorite of any season! There is faux wheatberriesflower blooms, leaves, and in all the best warm, cozy colors!! Shop all our fall florals here!


No matter how many times a year, you switch out your dough bowl decor, don’t forget fall!! It’s one of the most fun seasons to decorate your bowl that will add a sense of coziness to your home.




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