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Cozy Home Decor Additions for Winter

We’re sticking with cozy vibes for this winter! We’ve compiled some easy, stress-free cozy home decor additions for winter that will make all the difference. You can transform your home to a warm and welcoming sanctuary without tons of extra effort with these small decor additions!

Cozy Home Decor Additions for Winter

Cozy additions to your winter home


Enjoy a fun and cozy winter table with color and textures!

Transitioning from a holiday tablescape to a winter table can feel tricky at first, but if you keep in mind warmth, texture, and cozy vibes, it’s easier than you think! We have a wide variety of placemats, napkins, silverware holders, napkin rings, and more to keep your kitchen interesting in the winter months.


Cozy Winter Home Decor

1. Message Makers Silverware Pouch (set of 8) | $31.99
2. Natural Home Round Placemat | $10.99
3. Hemstitch Sea Glass Napkin | $6.99
4. Brass Napkin Ring | $5.99
5. Red and Gold Capiz Mini Bowl | $7.99
6. Eat Drink Enjoy Embellished Dish Towel | $9.99
7.Woven Jute Placemat | $10.99

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Use moving flame candles to warm up any room!

Moving flame candles are a MUST have for home decor. They provide the same ambience as traditional candles, but with less mess, fire hazard, and worry about replacement. And contrary to popular belief, moving flame candles don’t have to be boring! We have finishes that match any home decor style.


Cozy winter home decor

1. Moving Flame Birch | 2″x4″ Candle $31.99 | 2×6″ Candle $34.99
2. Ivory Tri-Flame Moving Flame | 6″ Candle $99.99 | 10″ Candle $138.99
3. Moving Flame Burlap Finish | 3.5×7 Candle $48.99 | 3.5×5 Candle $43.99
4. Moving Flame Gold Glitter | 4″ Candle $42.99 | 3″x6″ Candle $47.99
5. Moving Flame Red Glitter | 4″ Candle $42.99 | 6″ Candle $47.99
6. Moving Flame Light Birch Candle | 3.25″x6″ Candle $47.99 | 4″x5″ Candle $46.99 | 4″x7″ Candle $52.99

Shop all moving flame candles here

Cozy Scents!

Wax melts are a great companion to your moving flame candles – they are an easy way to incorporate cozy scents into your home! We carry wax melts for every season, but we especially love the cozy, warm, delectable scents of winter.

cozy winter scents

1. Wax Melts Frosted Cranberry and Sugared Vanilla | $8.99
2. Drizzle Melts Farmer’s Market | $8.99
3. Drizzle Melts Spicy Cinnamon Hot Toddy | $8.99
4. Drizzle Melts Warm Cinnamon Buns | $8.99
5. Drizzle Melts Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte | $8.99
6. Drizzle Melts Leather | $8.99

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What’s your favorite cozy winter home decor?

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