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Cute Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Loved Ones

If you never know which card to pick out for your partner on Valentine’s Day, we can help! Don’t wait until the last minute and grab the one card left on the shelf. Get your loved one a card they’ll remember this Valentine’s Day with our cute Valentine’s Day cards for your loved ones!

Cute Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Loved Ones

Valentine's day cards for your loved ones

We’ve all been there – Valentine’s Day is coming up and either 1) you forgot to grab anything , or 2) there are so many card choices that you have no idea what to choose. That’s why we’ve made a curated list of some card options for every Valentine! Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or your fiftieth, there’s a card for everyone.

Pick a card with a bold statement

Everyone is bound to love a card with a bold message. You can’t go wrong with a beautifully written message about love! All you’ll need is a few sweet sentences on the inside and you’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day card. (Bonus points if the coffee date card comes with coffee!)

cute valentine's day cards for your loved ones


Coffee Date Greeting Card | $3.99
You’re My Person Greeting Card | $3.99
Love You So Much Greeting Card | $3.99
Sunshine Greeting Card | $3.99
I Love You Dots Greeting Card | $3.99

Grab a card with thoughtful imagery

If you’re more about understated Valentine’s Day cards, then a card with thoughtful imagery is for you! Whether is a pear/pair pun (our favorite), some sweet hearts, or evergreen trees, these cards are a pick! The minimal design of these cards also makes them a great choice if you want to write a longer note inside (which we fully encourage).

cute Valentine's Day card for your loved ones

“The Cutest Pair” Card | $5.49
Big Hugs Card | $5.49
Mini Hearts for You Card | $5.49
“I Love You” Evergreen Card | $5.49
Gondola Love Card | $5.49

Make a statement with a pop-up card

If you REALLY want to surprise your Valentine, go with a pop-up card they won’t forget! Add a fun bear or bouquet of flowers to their Valentine’s Day with one of these fun cards that anyone will love. There’s still plenty of space to write inside, and everyone loves a good surprise pop-up!

Cute Valentine's Day cards for your loved ones

Love Bear Card | $12.99
Tulip Bouquet Card | $12.99
Red Rose Bloom Card | $12.99
Cherry Blossom Card | $12.99


None of these suit your fancy?  You can check out our Valentine’s Day selection for more card options along with some Valentine’s Day home decor to spruce up your space.


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