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Deter Deer From Your Garden

It’s so frustrating to plant your veggie or flower garden and have deer or other animals eat your plants! Living in the mountains of NC, deer are one of our biggest garden pests. There are so many wives tales and country remedies, but having tried some myself, here is what I’ve found most successful in my garden.


The biggest problem with deer is that they are creatures of habit. So, if you see them munching on plants in your yard on a regular basis, then your task is teaching them that they need to find a new lunch spot. With that perspective, here are some ways that you can retrain them to eat elsewhere.
1. “I Must Garden” Spray


Our favorite brand because of the quality and natural ingredients, “I Must Garden” has a bottle spray that you can mist onto your plants. They have specific kinds for different kinds of animals like dogs, rabbits and deer. We’ve found it very effective in our home garden, and the best part is that it doesn’t add any dangerous chemicals to your garden or home environment. Each spray targets a taste that the particular animal doesn’t like without harming the animal at all.

Spray onto dry leaves and leave for about an hour before rain or watering. If needed, apply again in 2-4 weeks.


2. Anti-Deer Plants


We have several options in our greenhouse, but typically there will be a symbol of a red line through a deer on the plant tag. This is pretty common no matter where you shop. Most of these have spiny stems or sharp leaves that are uncomfortable for deer to chew on and that is what makes them effective deterrents.


Even if you replaced some flowers that are being eaten with these options, you’ll be able to break the deer’s eating habits. If you move the previous flowers to the other side of your yard, the deer may not even notice where you moved them and find a new grazing path.


3. Fencing


I would say that this option is going to be your most sure bet for deer. Looking online or at a hardware store, you will find some options that are absolutely deer-proof! Many people don’t like the look of fencing, but if you have a vegetable garden that is private and far removed from your home then it’s a wonderfully effective solution!



I hope one of these options is a good solution for your garden so that you can enjoy your hard work and the majesty of the wildlife around you.




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