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DIY Easter Centerpiece Idea

We’re prepping for a fun celebration and some delicious food on Easter Sunday. If you’re looking for that last thing to add to your tablescape, a DIY Easter centerpiece might be exactly what you’re looking for. And we’ve got a quick and easy guide to make your own.


DIY Easter Centerpiece Idea

DIY easter centerpiece idea

1. Start by picking out your florals


These will be the focal point of the whole centerpiece, so go with florals that speak to you! In this example, I wanted to do color blocking, so I went with bright colors that really pop against each other.


I placed my florals at the same height to give my centerpiece a mounding form, but added some funky twigs for character.


When you’re happy with the arrangement, wire the florals together so they stay in place.


2. Add some fun Easter touches to your DIY Easter Centerpiece


Whether you choose to add some stone Easter eggs to the floral arrangement or glue some decorative carrots to the stems like I did, this is where you can get even more creative! Maybe you place some flocked peeps in the bottom of the vase. It’s totally up to you.


DIY Easter Centerpiece Ideas


3. Display it proudly on your table!


Making an Easter centerpiece should be fun. Let your creative side run wild and enjoy yourself!


We’re wishing you all a happy Easter.

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