Five Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

So Mother’s Day is on the horizon, you don’t have any clue what you’re going to get her – what are you going to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with five ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts!

Finding the perfect gift for Mom can sometimes be stressful. She does so much for us, it’s hard to express thanks with just one gift, right? Luckily, it’s the thought and effort that counts and we have five ideas to help you find the PERFECT gift for your mom.


Fresh Flowers/Florals

Having fresh flowers around the house just makes the day better. Whether it’s a vase full of fresh hydrangeas or a hanging basket, fresh flowers are always a great choice.


A wreath? But it’s not Christmas. There’s truly a wreath for every season. This season, greenery wreaths are all the rage!

Home Decor

There are many, many options for home decor gifts at Third Day Market. Not only, do we have great indoor options, but with it being greenhouse season, we also have a lot of great outdoor decor options as well. It gives Mom a physical reminder of the day, and how important she is to you.

PreMade Floral Arrangement

We are so lucky to have an actual floral expert in our store, Melanie. We’re sure that you have at your local gardening center as well! Picking up mom a premade arrangement, or having someone like Melanie make her one, adds a quick and easy personalized touch.

Something for her furkids

As much Mom loves us, sometimes she just wants some time with her furkids, who don’t talk back. Gifts for Mom’s furkids are a fun way to celebrate such a special day.

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Whether she’s a decor loving kind of mom, or a mom who gets so excited over a brand new, fresh hanging basket, we have something for everyone. The most important thing though, is to be sure and give your mom a hug, and tell her you love her and appreciate her. It will be worth more than any gift you can give her. Happy Mother’s Day, Moms!

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