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Gifts Under $10 | Gift Guide


Under $10 Gift Guide

Gifts Under $10 | Gift Guide


  1. Fun socks! Socks are a necessity – so why not make them fun? We’ve got tons of fun sock options available on the website, including these Peanut Butter Jelly Socks  | $9.99
  2. Funny Dish Towels make a great gift that anyone will love. This Cat Hair is My Glitter dish towel was made for the cat lover in your life. | $8.99
  3. Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub will make whoever you gift it to feel pampered for weeks | $9.99
  4. Vanilla Bean Soap makes a universally loved gift (especially in 2020!). Soap is essential, so make it smell great! (We have plenty of other scents at the link below!) | $13.99
  5. Apple Dumplin’ Spray, to leave their home smelling great always. | $9.99
  6. A Rise and Shine Shower Burst will wake up and motivate anybody who uses it with a delicious, citrusy scent that makes those early morning showers more fun. | $5.99
  7. Be Fearless ID Wallet is a gift for the person in your life who hates a heavy wallet. Easy, compact, cute, and under $10! | $8.99
  8. Dino On-the-Go – you can grab this mini Dino On-the-Go kit as a gift for any kid or mom in your life who loves dinosaurs and likes to play on-the-go! It’s small enough to fit into any purse and keeps the kiddos away from the screen. | $8.99
  9. Dog Mom Zipper Pouch makes transporting pencils, makeup, or any items easier. It’s the go-to gift for the dog lover in your life! | $6.99
  10. This Striped Stoneware Mug is a great gift for literally ANYONE. I can’t name a single person who doesn’t love getting a mug as a gift – even if they aren’t a coffee drinker. Snag this one now! | $9.99


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