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New 2021 Trend: Clear Glass

New home decor trends constantly pop up, and clear glass is one we must talk about! Here are some of my favorite pieces I’ve seen and some tips for decorating with glass.

Decorating With Glass

glass | book end


1. Glass Decor Pieces

This pie-shaped bookend is one of the most unique glass pieces I’ve seen this year! Not only can you use it as a traditional bookend, but also placed anywhere on a styled shelf or mantle just as an eye-catcher. Glass reflects light in a way that catches your eye and because it’s clear it then shifts your attention to the brightest thing around the glass.

Because it has that attention grabbing ability, style glass elements like this book end or a small vase on a shelf juxtaposed with bright or richly textured items to boost their visual interest.


2. Glass Candlesticks

So, these are the decor pieces that grabbed my attention this spring. I cannot get enough of these candlesticks and they look so phenomenal in every way we’ve styled so far. My personal favorite is to place these near other items that have a soft and elegant look. On a mantle with a muted watercolor painting behind them, or clustered in a centerpiece with light, floral placemats; you just can’t go wrong.




3. Vases with Floral Stems

I’ve seen this trend all over Pinterest this spring, but it can be trickier to style than it looks! In my home, I’ve styled a few fresh cut flowers in clear glass vases and my best tip is to clean all the leaves off the stems in the vase and cut the ends neatly. Keeping the stems inside the vase neatly trimmed will help you achieve this look!

If you like using artificial flowers, I’ve found that wrapping the stems in a wired, thin piece of vine removes the tacky look of artificial, plastic stems. Using a fern or flower with the faux exposed roots also gives a unique element that can be seen through the glass vase!



I hope this inspires you to try new trends and find the ones that fit best with your home style!

Keep trying new things,

Kaitlin and the Third Day Market Team


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