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How To Decorate Your Pumpkins

It’s that time of year…… Pumpkin Patch time!!! Does your family like to carve or decorate pumpkins?! We’ve done some of both and honestly, I just like diving in with the kids! My first tip is to try to figure out what design they are envisioning and then decide the decorating approach to take! We’ve incorporated so many forms of art… lol! But here’s some of my favorite ideas we’ve tried.



1. Decorate

One year we decided to do cartoon characters and one of my children chose Yzma from the Emperor’s New Groove and the other chose Shrek. We painted both pumpkins, used wire for Yzma’s eyelashes, a paper hat fixed to her head, sticky floral clay to craft Shrek’s big nose and weird ears, haha. It was a blast, but really we just made the kid’s dreams come to life, using whatever craft supplies was needed. The main tip I have for that approach is pick a pumpkin the same shape as your character’s head, we learned that the hard way!


2. Carve

While we’ve done a bunch a follow-the-diagram type carving designs, we’ve also done some free-hand ones that were just as fun! Just search pumpkin carving on Pinterest and you will see so many fun and out-of-the-box ideas. My favorite one we’ve done was tinker bell and I pulled out the drill to make tiny holes of “Magic fairy dust” behind her!


3. Paint

If you don’t have kids or want to style a more elegant part of your home, get some fun spray paint and go to town!! I’ve made some glossy black, rose gold, silver… and if you buy little ones and spray paint them, you can use them as fillers in your dough bowl for a really fun table centerpiece!


4. Empty and Add Mums

Such a simple and beautiful table centerpiece, cut and clean out the inside of your pumpkin to make a vase. Then add cut mums or a small mum plant and water them well. It won’t last forever, but it sure it gorgeous for a dinner party or special occasion.


Part of the fun of traditions is making them available for the whole family to participate in and this is one of my favorites for that reason. The artistic dreamers of the family can come up with lofty ideas and the rest of us can figure out how to make it happen lol. You don’t have to be really crafty or artistically talented because there are so many resources and designs on the internet, you just have to bring your enthusiasm!!

Have fun decorating and as always, if your imagination is sparked and you make something cool, tag Third Day Market on facebook or instagram so I can see it!




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