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How To: Deter Mosquitos With Plants

Are you tired of mosquitos ruining your patio and back porch environment?! Let’s be done with them once and for all! Here’s six plants that you can add to your outdoor planters, or put in a cute pot in the center of your patio table to naturally deter mosquitos. No chemicals, expensive candles or sprays needed!


1. Citronella

A little science first… mosquitos are attracted to the smell of our sweat and body odor, but they are also repelled by certain scents! So incorporating fragrances that they aren’t attracted to is the secret to keeping them away! This is the same reason why citronella candles and deet spray work: the scent. 

Citronella plants are the base of what is put into the candles with the same name, so growing the flowers or burning a candle both expel the same fragrance into the air. You can also break off leaves, crush and rub it directly on your skin.

2. Lemon Balm/Mint

Having a lemon and mint scent, this plant deters mosquitos while attracting bees and butterflies! (Maybe not the best choice for a table centerpiece, unless you enjoy dining with bees!) Also keep in mind that any plant in the mint family will happily take over your property, so having it in a pot or keeping it trimmed is essential. Mint’s scent also deters mosquitos if you don’t find the lemon edge to the scent pleasing. 

3. Catnip

Considered on the of the best plant options, Catnip contains the chemical nepetalactone that has been found to be a stronger mosquito deterrent than DEET. As it’s name suggests, cats love to eat, roll in and play to the point of destroying Catnip, so keep that in mind before planting! 



4. Marigold

The natural chemicals in marigolds are the same used in many mosquito repellents and in essential oils to deter mosquitos. Just potting it on your patio table and letting the fragrance spread through your outdoor space will help keep mosquitos away.

5. Basil & Rosemary

With such strong scents, basil and rosemary deter mosquitos by just growing in your yard or planters.

6. Lavender

Lavender’s strong natural scent also deters mosquitos, so growing it near your porch, doorways into the house and entertaining areas will make a big difference. 


I hope that you have a wonderful summer of friends and family in the backyard with no nasty bug bites! Enjoy the sunshine and these beautiful plants that keep your home a welcoming haven. 



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