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How To: Nourish Your Garden

I’ve heard so many wives tales and random advice of things to put in your soil to add nutrients for your plants, or ways to increase your compost’s nutrients. Honestly, I wasn’t sure which of those items were actually beneficial and which weren’t. So I’ve done some digging and here’s the best tips I’ve found!


1. Coffee… not so good

While I’ve heard so many garden “hacks” that make coffee grounds sound like the cure to slugs, unhealthy compost, and even as a mulch solution; it’s really not that good for your garden. Even after being run through hot water, coffee grounds still contain a surprising amount of caffeine, and for plants that don’t already contain caffeine (like your garden veggies), it can cause damage to their growth. It also kills earthworms when mixed into the soil, and that’s not good for any garden’s health!


It’s ability to deter slugs seems different for each user, but I would recommend spreading it around your garden, a safe distance from your actual plants if you want to try that!



2. The glory of banana peels!

Bananas have an extremely high potassium level in addition to calcium, manganese, sulfur and magnesium. Potassium is of the most important nutrients in a fertilizer and aids every aspect of a plants photosynthesis process! Banana peels are perfect veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and radishes because they don’t respond well to too much nitrogen! (Seal a few peels in a large mason jar filled with water for a few weeks, then thrown away the peel, dilute with some more water and pour over your garden’s soil!


3. Eggs shells for calcium

A gardener’s friend, your left over egg shells are extremely high in calcium! So, after you have done a soil test and know what your garden’s calcium level is, adding eggshells could greatly impact your plants’ health. If you’re in need of calcium, broken into tiny pieces, you can mix in egg shells instead of having to buy lime or another additive. A quick and easy DIY and you can enjoy a delicious family breakfast first!


Most of the fun of gardening is trying new things and learning as you go. My experience in mountain soil may be completely different from your’s in a tropical area. But the only way to know exactly what your garden needs is to do some research and get out there in the dirt! Best of luck and have fun!



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