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How to Pick Your Perfect Tree from Home!

Traveling and gathering for the holidays will look a little different this year – but that doesn’t mean you have to trade in your fresh Fraser Fir tree for a fake! We have the BEST tips on how to pick your perfect tree from home. No, really – it’s possible!

How to Pick Your Perfect Tree from Home

How to pick your perfect tree from home

We have some incredibly exciting news. We have created the first EVER virtual choose-and-cut experience! It allows you to pick your perfect tree from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be transported to our farm in North Carolina without leaving your couch.

Our Step-by-Step Guide on How to Pick Your Perfect Tree from Home

How to pick your perfect tree from homeStep 1: Click here to visit

Here, you can choose whether you’d like to shop for fresh trees, wreaths, and garlands traditionally OR shop the virtual choose-and-cut. The traditional shopping method will allow you to pick the height of your tree only. The virtual choose-and-cut experience allows you to pick the exact tree that you buy! Either way, we’ll chop it down the day before we ship it. We’ll also ensure that it arrives at your door safely.

Step 2: Select the option on the right, “Shop the Virtual Tree Lot”

If you want the virtual choose-and-cut experience, click the button on the right. We have a limited supply of virtual trees, and we anticipate that they will go quickly! If we’re sold out, you can always come back and shop traditionally. We promise you’ll get a beautiful tree no matter what.

Step 3: Check out the search options available or view all of the trees

Once you land on this page, you’ll be able to see all of the trees we have available for choose-and-cut. You can check out an aerial view of the field and even take a stroll to enjoy the view if you click on the “Virtual Tour” button.

From here, scroll down to see EVERY tree we have available, or filter by different heights or prices using the search tools on the screen. When you see a tree that you’re interested in, click on it to have a look around!

Step 4: View a 360 video of the tree to decide if it’s your perfect match

You can view a full, 360 video of every single tree we have in the lot to make sure the one you pick is perfect for you! You can watch tutorials for using the site on your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone on the page, but they work similarly. To see a 360 tree video, click on the tree you’re interested in viewing and press “play” on the video player that pops up. When you’re done, you can either add that tree to cart or click on the X in the upper right corner to continue your search.

Step 5: Repeat until you find YOUR tree

We’ve got plenty of trees to choose from, so don’t settle!

Step 6: Place your order!

So you’ve found your perfect tree – YAY! Go ahead and add it to your cart, see if you’d like to purchase any other Christmas decor (like our homemade wreaths), and checkout. At checkout, you’ll be asked to select the week you’d like your tree delivered to your home. We start shipping trees in late November, so take your pick!

When it arrives at your door, the rest is up to you. We’re so happy that you’re shopping with us to find your tree!


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