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How To Style Your Mantle

One of my favorite areas to style is my mantle! I love the variety of techniques you can use and I like mixing it up in my own home from heavily decorated with Christmas greenery to light and minimal in the spring. No matter what style you prefer, here are some of my basic design layouts that can work through any season.



1. Centered Triangle

This is a great layout because it works for people who like symmetrical design and those that like A-symmetrical! You can use any element for your highest point in the middle of the mantle and then add secondary heights leading down to the outer edge of the mantle. Like this diagram, you can use different decor pieces on either side of the mantle for a little more A-symmetry, or you can use the same size candlesticks on both sides for a very even and clean look.


2. Weighted Ends

While it’s okay to put decor in the middle of your mantle, a lot of times I choose not to and to instead clump items on the edges. You still have to watch the balance and make sure one side doesn’t look “heavier” visually than the other. Again you can use the same items for more symmetry or mix it up on either end for an artsy touch!


3. Go Big!

If you have a large mantle space, don’t be afraid to use big decor items like an oversized clock or a unique piece for the holidays. I also like to layer big pieces to capture the space but also add visual interest, a giant vase with big blooms is fun for spring or large branches with leaves in the fall! Don’t be timid if you have a lot of space, but also don’t feel like you have to fill every part of the mantle.


I love playing up changing season in my mantle decor, so here’s a simple way to add a fall flair with some pumpkins and silk leaves with an every-day piece of wall decor! I’ll be sharing some of my top garland styles for Christmas mantles soon!

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to start shopping for your fall mantle refresh, we have all our fall decor available on the website now!




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