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How To Style Your Dough Bowl

One of the most frequently asked question we get at the Market is how to style a dough bowl. The most difficult season seems to be spring and summer, so here’s three tips I personally stick to when styling my dough bowl, and they apply to any season!



3 Key Elements

I can break every dough bowl design I put together into three main ingredients. First you have the focal point. This can be a set of candles, a bunny figurine, a Santa, a bird figurine, or a block sign. The possibilities are endless and that is really how you make it personal, choose a focal point element that brings you joy to look at! 

Second I choose a story-telling element. This one seems the most obscure, but it’s don’t overcomplicate it! For this “Back-to-school” themed bowl, I chose a branch with apples on it and some books for my story-telling touch.

Your third element is the fillers. These are smaller bits that fill up your bowl but DO NOT detract from the focal point and storytellers. The main thing you want to avoid is choosing bright and eye-catching elements for all three categories. Your fillers should just be simple and kind of hidden in a way. I chose the orchid leaves and some ferns as my fillers for this design.



Loose Rules

These design rules can be loose, not rigid because sometimes your focal point is so rich that it tells the story by itself. And sometimes your story-teller is a small item and acts as your filler too. For example, mini pumpkins around a set of candles for fall. The pumpkins would be your story-teller and your filler element. 

You can also extend your story/season throughout surrounding decor like in a table centerpiece, a bookcase or like I did on my coffee table! Just placing a book under my candles and then beside my dough bowl adds that back-to-school flair without being too loud.


The fun of dough bowls is that the combinations are endless, but don’t let that scare you! Just start one piece of decor that brings you joy and then let that guide your other design choices. 

If you don’t have a dough bowl, it’s one of our favorite and most versatile pieces of decor, you can shop our selection of them here!



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