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How to Style an Oversized Sign

Today, we’re bringing you tips on how to style an oversized sign in your home for fall. Oversized signs can be a surprisingly versatile piece of decor to style, and seasonal signs are a fun way to festively change out your decor!

How to Style an Oversized Sign in Your Home

How to style an oversized sign


Create a Gallery Wall

If you have a large wall space in a foyer or dining room that’s bland, a collage is a great way to add pizazz and personality. When gathering pieces to arrange on a gallery wall, you need a couple larger pieces, some odd shaped pieces and then smaller pieces to fill in. Next, you’ll need a variety of content that coordinates. They can be similar colors or styles; ideally you’ll need one or two pieces with writing or script, then a painting or something with 3D texture, and then some neutral small “fillers.”


Use Your Mantle

How to style an oversized sign


Large paintings or script wall art are the perfect centerpiece to style your mantel for any season. The main rule for the best mantle styling is layer! Start by placing your large artwork in the back. Add candlesticks or a lantern on the sides, layering in front of the sign. Then you can add small pumpkins, a garland, candles, bunnies, Santas, snowmen, whatever pieces of decor that coordinate in front of your sign creating depth. The key to layering is choosing items that blend with the colors and style of your large sign. You also want them to be different heights and textures to add complimentary interest.

The example above shows a spin on mantle decor by Krista, @threebluebirdslovenest on Instagram!

Focal Point Wall Decor

Sometimes an asymmetrical design isn’t what you’re going for! This is where large signs or paintings can really shine. Hanging an oversized sign over a bed with a statement headboard and matching side tables can be perfect. Add complimentary wall sconces on either side for that finishing touch. Focal point wall decor over a bed is a simple and classy statement that isn’t too complicated to style. This also allows you to replace your artwork with something the same size for each season to add a little something festive to your room.


What’s your favorite way to style an oversized sign? Tag us on Instagram, @thirddaymarket, and share yours!

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