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How To: Style Your Kitchen

So, if you’re like me then those Pinterest kitchens look so dreamy and yet so far from what my kitchen typically looks like… But I’ve thought of a few ways that we can tidy up the much-used space in our homes and add a touch of style!


1. Stylish Organization

First of all, let’s be realistic, we all use our kitchens on the daily! I personally love to cook which makes my kitchen one of the most-used rooms in my home and also the space I end up cleaning the most. So, in order to make your space a productive one but also easier to keep clean think through your cooking process. Even if you don’t cook and it looks more like, “This is where I put my take-out bag, here’s where I get silverware and a cup to drink water from.”


No matter how often you “cook”, you still probably have a pattern. Once you decide what’s most frequently used and where you could input some more organization, then shop for some good and stylish pieces. Make intentional choices that will bring you joy but also help you out in the long run! (I personally love cute storage trays and baskets for the “clutter spot” on our counter.) Canisters, small baskets, tired trays, and cake holders are great things to look for.


2. Determine what Style You Want


If you have an open floor plan, you may want to carry over your living room style into the kitchen. But if you have a more closed off kitchen, you may choose a different look. Either option is a great one, just keep it consistent throughout the entire kitchen. If you love farmhouse, the kitchen is practically made for farmhouse decor! There are so many options from wall decor, salt+pepper shakers, florals, cooking accessories, and serving ware. Remember to choose a variety of storage items, textures while keeping your color scheme and overall “look” consistent.


3. Add the Joy


While the majority of a kitchen needs to be practical (I can’t cook in a mess or in an overly styled environment!), make sure to add elements that bring you joy. Cooking and washing dishes are tasks that can really bless our families and we want to be joyful while doing those tasks! If you like brightly colored curtains, a vase of flowers, a certain scent candle, or a cute hand towel, make sure to implement those somewhere out of the way but in your line of sight. It’s like giving yourself a little hug in your workspace, its always a good idea.


When shopping for your kitchen decor, keep it practical, simple and make choices that bring your joy! A home is meant to be enjoyed.



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