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How to: Style a Tree like a pro!

If you’ve ever wondered how we bring our tree themes to life at the Market… here’s all our secrets!

Ok, maybe not alllll of our secrets, but here’s the step-by-step guide to decorating Third Day Market style.



1. Start with the topper

It may sound odd to start at the top, but for us the topper sets the tone for the whole tree. Also I need to make sure I have all the greenery and stems I need for the topper before I start putting them throughout the tree. Sometimes, I create an a-symmetrical arrangement of decor and stems at the top of the tree, sometimes it’s pretty even all around and sometimes I have a central piece of decor like a star or angel. Whatever look you want, start by creating it and wiring everything in place before moving on to the other decor.




2. Place Largest Ornaments

Whether I’m wiring sets of skies and snowshoes into the body of the tree or just using large ornaments, the biggest pieces go on first! This way you make sure they are spread evenly around the tree.

3. Add greenery

Once the largest pieces are placed, I go back and add in branches of the same greenery or glittery stems that I put in the topper. I add these pretty liberally throughout the tree because I feel like they make an artificial tree look luxurious and full.




4. Place Small Ornaments

Once the largest elements are placed, I add depth and texture with all my smaller ornaments.



4. Ribbon

And the last step is ribbon (except sometimes when weaving it behind the other elements, I have to move ornaments). This is another element that I do differently, sometimes I love to weave streams in and out around the decor. Other times I like to create loops in the ribbon with shorter tails and stick them back deeper into the tree. One creates a flowy, romantic look the other is more cutesy with the loops.



If you try these techniques out this year, tag thirddaymarket on social media so I can see your creations! Best of luck!


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