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How to Decorate A Wreath

While there are so many beautiful wreaths at the Market, if you’re like me and enjoy the creativity of making your own wreath… here are my top tips on design!


1. Styling a wreath with wall decor

I love this idea of either buying or creating a wreath to hang over a picture and even adding mounted antlers or skies as well! It creates a multi-demential statement piece for a mantle, entryway of behind a dining table. The main key is to choose art, greenery and decor accents of the same style so they all blend together well.



2. Evenly Blend Ingredients

When decorating a wreath, you can use any ingredients that you like and evenly spread them throughout the base wreath. This style can work on a grapevine wreath or a green wreath.


3. A-symmetrical blend

I love the a-symmetrical design on a grapevine base, personally. It just adds such a more dramatic contrast and is my favorite to design! My rules of thumb are to cluster the largest additions on the bottom left, then dramatically bring greenery out around it and use items in odd numbers (for a-symmetrical, probably 3).


With wreaths it’s all about finding the combinations of ingredients that you like the best! You can shop our greenery, florals and glittery stems HERE. My best strategy is to spread out on the floor or a table, lay my wreath in the middle and lay different pieces on top and see what you like before weaving them into the wreath base.


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