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How To Style Wax Candles

While I love some battery operated candles for the fact that I can set them to come on the same time every day and that the look uniform… there is something romantic and relaxing about burning decorative wax candles. And what about all those beautiful candlesticks that you bought that need a good pillar candle?! I’m so bad to put them on my mantle and never go back and add candles lol! We recently found these beautiful, clean burning, textured candles that I truly love and thought I’d share a few of my favorite ways to style them with you!



1. Clustered

So, I’m a big fan of impact when it comes to candles. Call me a crazy romantic, but when guys light 10,000 candles for a surprise date in the movies, I just swoon! There’s something beautiful and cozy to a lot of candles clustered together, so why not bring that magic into your home?! First I love the look of candles clustered along a mantle… dreamy! Second, clustered in the center of the dining table or along a table runner. And third, I love them clustered, of different heights on a tray on a coffee table. So simple and yet so impactful!



2. Candlesticks

I personally don’t think it’s wrong to decorate with candlesticks without a candle on each one, but it does add the romantic element to a tables cape or mantle with you light a pillar candle on to of your candlesticks! I’ve also really fallen in love with the taper candle trend. When I first started decorating, taper candlesticks had gone out of style, but not there are so many modern and unique taper candlestick holders that I’m all in!


3. Dough Bowl

One of my go-to dough bowl designs includes 3 pillar candles of different heights. It’s just an easy base to add any seasonal decor around and it keeps the look cozy and warm.



4. Styled Tray

I have a tiered tray in my kitchen that I typically keep a pillar candle or a scented candle burning year-round. I also have seen just a plain tray with a candle or cluster of candles on the kitchen counter and I love it! It’s just that element of warmth and coziness that you can’t beat!

Some of these may seem obvious, but I hope a few of these ideas have sparked your creativity and those wax pillar and taper candles a try!


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