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How To Transition To Fall Decor

I decided to share some of my personal styling tips with you this week on how I transition to fall decor. It’s not a surprise that fall decor is my favorite because I love the season so much!! However, I don’t like going all out with pumpkins too early in the year because I don’t like to wish summer away either. So, here’s what I do at home to bring the coziness of fall but still leave the height of pumpkin season yet to come!



1. Change Your Colors

When I think of summer decor, I think of florals, brighter colors, bold patterns and making the house feel warm but fun. So when I make my slow change to fall, I think how can I make a bridge from the bright, summery elements to more muted fall tones? First I switch out my silk florals. Less bright blooms and more muted, late-blooming flowers like sunflowers. I also like adding neutral berries or pods to add those earthy tones of fall.

Next, I switch out any throw blankets, accent pillows or seasonal wall decor, so again the colors are softer and leaning more toward my favorite fall neutrals!



2. Bring Out The Textures

My favorite element of fall decor is all the rich textures, my wood grains, chunky blankets, plaid placemats… all that good stuff! So, usually in August, I start switching out my placemats and kitchen towels for the warmer tones, but leave my pumpkin napkin rings and “Harvest” themed decor for later.

For my florals, I love adding pods, berries and leaves to gradually transition away from summer to fall.


2. Use Cream To Keep Things Bright

One of my personal tricks during later summer, is to blend cream tones into my decor. This lightens the overall look so that richer fall colors don’t quite take over, and the light of summer days is still reflected inside my home! I love using faux dried florals for lightness and texture.

I hope these tips inspire you to make the most of every season when crafting a home environment that you and your family loves!



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