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How to: Style Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are so hot in the trendy farmhouse style, but they becoming more common in other styles of home decor as well. Sometimes having an empty Mason jar, glass bud vase or bottles can seem a far leap to a cute piece of spring decor. So, here are my best tips to get you from recycled bottle to essential decor!


1. Pay attention to scale

Scale is so important when it comes to styling vases and florals in your home. The key to remember is to match your vase. Let’s say you have a tall, skinny glass bottle, this would be the perfect home for a long Delphinium branch or pampas grass. Where as putting a big bush of stems in a little Mason jar is overwhelming and looks heavy. If you are making one floral centerpiece for a table, then you can go crazy and make it dramatic if you want. However if you’re using several glass bottles or jars in one area, then keep each floral choice in scale with its container.


2. Keep a theme throughout

This is something I always suggest when tackling home decor, but I think it’s really important with glass bottles and florals. Because there are so many types of containers, its important to pinpoint what style you have and which type of florals are best to pair with them. For example, a Mason jar is adorable with some naturally styled wildflowers because both the container and the flowers are farmhouse themed. Or you could choose a more elegant styled glass vase and put a single hydrangea stem or calla Lily for a more classy theme.

I love the new industrial styled wood and glass vases paired with more natural stems like dried flowers, pampas grass or berries!


3. Simple is your friend

Like I mentioned in the Decorating With Glass post, putting too many stems in a clear vase makes the bottom look cluttered and messy. It’s better to style a few stems purposefully than try to create a detailed floral arrangement in a clear container. This rule also applies if you decide to use several vases on a mantle or centerpiece, keep one color or type of flower per vase to keep it visually simple. I love flowers as much as anyone, but you can easily over-clutter your decor with too much floral variety in a small space. I love this set of bottles  styled with florals in only 2 bottles, it creates a fresh spring look without too much fuss.


As usual, my bed tip is to play around with different looks and see what you like the most! You’re the only one that determines what makes your house feel like home and when you’ve found the right combination, you’ll know!

Happy Creating!


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