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Kaitlin’s Essentials | Home Decor for this Season of Life

Different seasons of life call for different home decor. And in this season of life, I gravitate towards natural, functional and minimalistic decor. Lots of baskets to hide toys in, cute yet functional laundry bins for me to throw soiled baby clothes in when in a pinch (raise your hand if you can relate??). Yet, also leaving room for decor items that make my home a sanctuary for my husband, kids and myself to feel rejuvenated in.

Home Decor for this Season of Life | Kaitlin’s Essentials

home decor for this season of life

Items such as: our oval hanging clock, a great decor piece, but it’s in a spot I can glance at quickly when running out the door in the mornings

Our woven seagrass baskets to throw random cords in, because we all know where to look when we can’t find the exact charger we need.

The copper box with wooden lid to store face masks in – it’s near our front door, but guests entering our home see a chic box styled on our table, not a functional storage box.

Our throw blanket in green, we use it on family night when watching a movie together, but it’s also a blanket I fold and style on our couch in between those nights.

Our climaweave indoor/outdoor pillows, styled on our front porch swing, but also supports my daughter when she’s out there with me, cause her legs aren’t quite long enough!

Our moving flame candles make a stunning display at night creating a cozy space in our living room (and bathroom!) but when the timer kicks in at 7:30PM at night and the lights come on- that signals to my kids it’s time to settle and get ready for bed.


Kaitlin's Essentials

1. Oval Iron/Wood Hanging Clock| $47.99
2. Woven Seagrass Basket | Large, $36.99 | Medium, $25.99
3. Ocean Woven Throw | $45.99 (stop by in-store for the green throw!)
4. Copper Finish Box with Wooden Lid | Large, $27.99 | Small, $18.99
5. Climaweave Pillows | Cali. Native Flower, $36.99 | Happy Yellow Pillow, $36.99
6. Moving Flame Candle Ivory, Vanilla Scent | 3×5, $39.99| 3.5×7, $49.99 | 3.5×9, $54.99


I hope that you can envision some of these pieces as useful home decor for this season of life, too. We always select items that we can see in our own homes and that we can imagine in yours as well.


With love,


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