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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s almost time to celebrate the most incredible women in our lives, our mothers! If you really want to make her feel appreciated and loved, here’s some Mother’s day gift ideas that you may have not thought of before.


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Live Flowers  Gift your mother beauty that she can add to her garden, hang from her porch or arrange in a planter. Depending on what brings her joy, our greenhouse is filled with plants ready to garden or planters already arranged, and ready to place!
  2. Herbs and Veggies If your mother enjoys the labor of love that goes into vegetable gardening, then buying her seedling vegetable plants or a new herb is the perfect gift!
  3. Spa Day Some mothers really just need a moment to relax. So a collection of bath bombs, shower bursts or Thymes products would be the most prized gift that she probably won’t go buy for herself.
  4. Gift Basket We have some pre-made gift baskets with Savana Bee Honey products, Kitchen utensils and cutting boards, chocolate and Thymes made at the Market for a quick selection or we can one together of any items in the store you’d like to gift!
  5. Gift Card and Decor Help If your mother says she just wants to update her home or learn how to decorate well then we’re here to help! You can give her a Third Day Market gift card  and when she comes in, we’ll help her design her decor in a way that makes her home something she’s proud of! Or here’s our list of gifts and decor we think she’ll love.
  6. Arrangement You can always bring in a family vase, her dough bowl or a container that’s meaningful to her and we’ll create something for her! From florals to candles, we can create anything in your imagination for a one-of-a-kind arrangement just for her home.


I hope this Mother’s day gift guide sparks your creativity to communicate to your mother just how much she means to you!


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