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New Trend: Dried Florals

So… pampas grass is everywhere right?!?! This new emergence of grasses, dried leaves, seed pods and neutral dried florals is saturating the home decor trends lately and I’m ready to dive in!

1. Arrangements

The most common and probably easiest way to style faux dried florals is to add them to a floral arrangement. I love the texture and light color that it adds to other florals, but they also grasp that new and edgy trend when styled by themselves! Anywhere from an arrangement of assorted dried stems to a vase of just one kind of grass or dried palm leaves, I absolutely love it!



2. Giant Statement Pieces

If creating arrangements isn’t your thing, I love the simplicity of decorating with large dried leaves! Floor containers or vases with pampas grass, dried palm leaves or even tree branches creates such an eye-catching element. And the best part, is that its so easy to throw together! I think, the combination of a large woven basket vases and these statement floral elements are absolutely stunning.



3. Home Accent

If the neutral palette of dried florals seems too bland for your taste, but you still like it then try some accents! Putting dried pods in a lantern, some grass or leaves in a vase along with more colorful blooms, or some giant palms arranged on a wall with other decor is the perfect way to add a new trend without losing your home’s style. You absolutely don’t have to die all in on every new trend, the key is to try what you like and what makes your house feel like home for your family! It’s all in finding that balance for you.


So, that’s how I’m style this new trend and I’m honestly loving incorporating the giant palm leaves at the Market… so fun! If you decide to try these ideas out in your home, tag Third Day Market on social media, I’d love to see what you create!!



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