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How To Style Decor Accents For Spring

Do you ever find yourself shopping and think, “Oh, that’s cool… but I have no idea what to do with it.”? I know that I have, and some of those funky home decor accents are the exact items that will make your home look more interesting and unique!

So I’ve rounded up some fun pieces at the Market to show you how I like to style them in order to spark your creativity within your own home!

How to decorate with funky decor accents:



1. Silks with Exposed Roots

Okay, so I’m a big of an of this new trend and my favorite element is… it’s so easy! Sometimes silk stems and arrangements can feel so complicated and like you can’t do much unless you have a large collection, but these come as one finished floral element ready to integrate into your decor. My personal favorite look is just one fern in a glass container. It can be anything from a tall glass lantern with a branch and then a caladium with roots at the bottom, or a glass container with a fern and roots just nested inside. It’s quick, easy and adds a earthy and natural look to your decor.


2. Vine Ball

These are such a quick and easy dough bowl filler that have nice texture and go with any seasonal decor. However, to use them to their full potential, blend in some greenery, a couple candles and a wooden bean garland and you suddenly have a styled centerpiece until fall! The best part about an accent like these vine balls is that you can easily incorporate fall leaves and pilgrims or fairy lights and holly for literally any season! Adding a fullness to the bowl, a little variety of texture and a neutral color, they’ll stay on rotation in your decor year round.



3. Wired Butterflies

Add to any floral arrangement or attach to a branch for a dash of color. So small and dainty, these butterflies are a subtle decor touch that adds detail but so easily moved around that they won’t take much of your energy. I also love adding these to party decor; they are an easy cake topper accent, tie them onto a gift bow, or a hanging banner for a bright spring look!


4. Daisy Bud Stem

One of the most beautiful elements of a live floral arrangement is the range of blooming that you get to watch. Having some flowers already in bloom, some opening up and others still tightly in a bud, you get to enjoy the whole range. Faux floral arrangements typically have one wide open blooms because we tend to find those the most attractive, But the enjoyment really comes from appreciating the whole blooming process. Stems like these daisy buds, add that element of early blooming to a faux arrangements and will be a decision you won’t regret!



The most important thing to remember is that trying new decor trends and elements will only make you better at decorating. Even if you try something you end up not liking, it gets you one step closer to something you love!

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