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Spring Floral Arrangements that will Make Your Home Feel Lively

What do “Sugar, Sugar” and “Man in the Mirror” have in common? They’re both songs that Kaitlin listened to while designing the new spring faux floral arrangements!

You can find home decor inspiration anywhere and everywhere as long as you’re looking for it… and Kaitlin DEFINITELY gets that inspiration from songs. That’s why most of the floral arrangements for this season have lyrical names. And if you listen to the song while you look at the arrangement, you’ll see why. Grab one of these spring floral arrangements that will make your home feel lively!

Spring Floral Arrangements That Will Make Your Home Feel Lively

spring floral arrangements


Sugar, Sugar

Oh, honey honey!  You can grab this arrangement on our website to brighten up any room.

spring floral arrangements


Sugar, Sugar Faux Floral Arrangement| $69.99
Shipping available


Man in the Mirror

We aren’t asking this arrangement to change his ways! Full of contrasting colors and textures, it’s a perfect statement piece for your home.


Man in the Mirror Faux Floral Arrangement| $99.99
In-store pickup only


Corner in Winslow Arizona

Take it easy with this jewel-toned arrangement. If you’ve got a small space that’s looking for some color, this arrangement is perfect for you.

spring floral arrangement

Corner in Winslow Arizona Faux Floral Arrangement| $69.99
Shipping available


On A Dark Desert Highway

Get a free trip to the Hotel California with this arrangement. The textures and colors make it easy to leave up for all seasons – and you’ll definitely want to keep it out year-round!

On A Dark Desert Highway | $124.99
In-store pick up only.

Once in My Life

As soon as you grab this bright and sweet custom arrangement in a beautiful tea kettle, you’ll be able to say, “This is mine, you can’t take it!”

spring floral arrangements

Once in My Life Faux Floral Arrangement | $34.99
Shipping available.


We have TONS of other custom floral arrangements available on our website – you can check them out right here.


What’s your favorite way to decorate using faux floral arrangements? We want to know! DM us on Instagram and let us know.

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