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Spring & Summer Lanterns

Lanterns add such a fun and cozy element to your home, but so many people ask me how to style them in the spring and summer. I think it’s easier during the holidays to come up with creative ideas, but when you put the Santas and snowmen away… what next?


Here’s my roundup of lantern ideas that aren’t simply candles for spring, summer or year-round decor!

1. Dramatic Florals

I love this look so much! If your lantern location has room for this kind of floral focal point, I saw go for it! Choose florals that blend with your home decor and the style of your lanterns and create some cascading beauty! So unique and you can keep the look through spring and summer until fall.


These cascading tulips are to die for!!


2. One Simple Floral

This idea is a little more simple, elegant and easy to put together. My go to for spring is to line the bottom of my lantern with some moss and then work with one bold floral element to create a fresh look. Anything like an Iris, Orchid, Cobra LilyHydrangea, or Caladium would make an awesome focal piece like this!


3. Candles With Greenery

If candles are your lantern go-to, try adding some simple greenery to spruce it up through spring and summer! If you have open lanterns with no glass, I think it’s gorgeous to have long leaves peeking out or some trailing vines hanging below. Either look is stunning and it’s a quick addition that will add a purposeful touch of elegance.


Lanterns are one of my personal favorite pieces to decorate in my home. Don’t underestimate how versatile they are or be afraid to try new ways to style them. If you’re convinced now that you need a lantern in your home, we have new styles and sizes coming into the Market every season, stop by to check them out!



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