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How to Style Candle Rings for Spring

Finding unique and different ways to use home decor items is a great way to spruce up your space (especially if you’re trying to repurpose older decor and not buy anything else). We’ve got some tips on how to repurpose and style candle rings for spring! 

How to Style Candle Rings for Spring

style candle rings for spring

Candle rings are one of the most versatile items to keep on hand in your home decor stash. They can work for any season, and there are tons of alternative ways to style them! They will always wow as candle accents, but incorporating them into other spaces in your home can really elevate your look.

Wondering how to style candle rings for Spring in unconventional ways? We’ve got you covered!


1. Hang a candle ring in front of a mirror

This is one of my FAVORITE trends right now. It adds dimension and instantly brightens the room.

2. Dress up your cabinet door with a mini wreath

Candle rings are basically just mini-wreaths, which makes them a GREAT splash of color and texture to your cabinet doors!

3. Add a splash of greenery to your tablescape

Put a candle ring on the back of your dining room chairs to make your simple tablescape pop! You can also use candle rings as accents in centerpieces on your table, whether they house a candle or not.

Allow yourself to really get creative here! This is the important thing to remember about home decor styling: there are no rules. Just because a product has one descriptor in its name doesn’t mean you are required to use it that way. Let yourself have fun!
Ready to grab one for yourself? We’ve got two styles available that make the perfect accents for spring.
candle rings for spring

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