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How To Decorate With Fall Leaves

Easily one of the most beautiful parts of the fall season is the changing on the leaves. In the mountains of North Carolina, its a spectacular display of color, especially on a nice sunny day! So, how do you bring that kind of beauty into your home for the autumn season? Here are some of my favorite ways to add faux fall leaves into my decor that aren’t complicated arrangements.



1. Long Stems in a Vase

This is one of the simplest ways to add color, and I love the look of a decorative vase with long branches of leaves coming out at an angle. It’s quick and easy, but it’s also a simple solution for rooms that you just want to add a touch of fall. My bedroom is a space that I don’t usually change out seasonal decor, but I do love just a little bit to make it feel festive.


2. Intertwined With Branches Under a Centerpiece

First of all, I love this giant dough bowl full of pumpkins!! Second, I love the added texture that some leaves and pods bring when laid under the dough bowl. Leaves make a great accent to your decor, so they don’t have to be the focus or centerpiece, but they can add emphasis to the focal point! That’s exactly what the branches are doing in this tablescape, they add the look and feel of fall without being the main decor piece.


3. Dough Bowl Filler

If you select a faux leaf branch with leaves a decent size in context with your dough bowl, then you can cut the leaf bits off the main stem and have a beautifully colorful “filler” for your dough bowl. I personally love this look with some moving flame candles or pumpkins stacked as the “Story” element of your dough bowl. (If you want more info on the elements of a styled dough bowl, check out my blog post about that here!)


I hope this inspires you to try some leaf branches this year to incorporate with pumpkins or halloween decor! Try out these ideas with your leaves and who knows what other creative ideas will pop into your mind along the way!




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