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Tie Dye Trend: How To

Tie Dye seems to be everywhere these days! The colors and textures it brings to home decor is unrivaled and definitely worth incorporating into your home. But if you’re at a loss for how to decorate with tie dye, here are some of our best tips! 


Trying New Trends



1. Start by picking one focal piece


With any bold trend, you want to start small. Bold colors and patterns can take over an interior space if there is too much of it. So, choose one thing, like an accent pillow set, wall decor, or a bedspread. Then bring other elements that blend well with the bohemian feel of tie dye.



These wall decor pieces are a fun way to blend this trend into a more elegant space. Bohemian decor tends to have the stigma of being casual and comfortable, but many of the decor pieces alone can be dressed up in a more classic, elegant room. Choosing a focal piece with one or two colors is going to make it look more classy than a piece with many colors within it.


2. Blend with decor that contrasts and compliments tie dye


Most tie dye decor pieces blend well with bohemian textures and fibers. But the key to making any “focal point” an actual eye-catching piece of decor is carefully crafting it’s environment. So, you want to place furniture and accent decor around that highlights your focal point and compliments its boldness.


As an example, these tie dye prints pair well with caramel colored furniture, baskets and vases because it matches the frame and is opposite from blue on a color wheel, meaning its a complimentary color. Choosing items with different textures, but all caramel colored will create dimension and variety without detracting from the wall prints.


Items like Pampus grass, rattan baskets and vases, woven baskets, copper storage, a matching glass vase,  hanging macrame, and potted plants typically blend well with tie dye trend.


3. Have fun decorating!


As you play around with different accent pieces, just remember that anything you put near or around your focal piece should elevate the “Wow” factor of the focal. If you feel like there are too many accent pieces or one draws your attention away from the focal, then it probably isn’t working in the space. Many times, simple is better! 



We wish you the best and let us know if you decide to try out some tie dye home decor pieces!



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